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Georgia House & Senate to Honor Widespread Panic
9/7/2011 01:43 AM

If the State of Georgia has so much respect for this awesome band, why did they put the entire town of Athens under heightened surveillance, on the night of their show? The 'Discovery of Evidence' against me specifically sites the presence of Widespread Panic in explaining why they were out in full force, "because their fanbase is known to use and sell drugs..." and why it was justified to put a dog on my car, and swarm me as I was leaving The Melting Point after seeing 'Abbey Road Live'.

That's right, I wasn't even at the show, but my 4th Amendment Rights were trampled on, calling my walk out to my car to retrieve a camera on a night that WSP was in town, "Suspicious Activity" worthy of Probable Cause. They used you guys as an excuse, to ruin the lives of several good people that night, myself included. That's the opposite of honoring, if you ask me...

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