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Bear Creek Festival 2010 | Review | Pics
11/29/2010 02:21 PM

Sounds awesome! Ever since the line-up was finalized, I've wanted to go,, money, money.

Martyn and Eskmo in Chicago on Dec 18 tho...yayuh


11/29/2010 04:58 PM

@squirrelbrains: Soulive with Kofi - never. Eric Krasno Band (for his CD release party during NOLA Jazz Fest) with Kofi as a special guest once. Still did not like the song. Glad you enjoyed it.

12/1/2010 06:00 AM

i'm breaking my year+ hiatus on commenting for this wondrous piece of jamjournalism. Dino took some sick shots as always and the writing is refreshingly crisp.

I am also super impressed with that vid montage w/ Rubblebucket.

If you have not seen Rubblebucket, please do ASAP!

thanks jambase for waking me up out of my e-slump.

Bear Creak is still on my bucket list!

12/1/2010 09:33 PM

My trifecta Beer Creek, I always nut at the SOSMP, but this time the promoters really went overboard with an embarassment of riches-some evident upfront at time of ticket purchase/others not known at the start but never to be forgotten-like a present you didnt even know you wanted but ended up falling in love with. Much like Jazz Fest, this fest is measured by what you missed to see what you saw. It was all run silky smooth. I left with jaw firmly on floor, such good times and great friends and camping buddies. If you are even thinking remotley about next year..stop-just buy the early bird tix and book your camp spot. I had intially complained that last year looked too much like this year-I'd take more of the exact same for 2011 thank you very much. A damn fine heady mix of nearly every worthwile genre was in full effect. If you like country or hawaiian music then I guess this is not the fest for you. Otherwise, it was an effing magic weekend. (Could have been just a little warmer, but I'm a colded blooded little bitch to even mention it, mid November is the ideal date for this fest.)

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