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High Sierra Festival: 07.01-07.04 | California
7/12/2010 11:39 AM

high sierra has been a missing piece in my musical life for so long, and sure I will make it next year or soon. But thanks Jambase for putting out one of the better reviews I've seen any site or Jambase do in a long time. Jake Krolick's writing was great and what I like to read. All writers and photographers, hats off!

On a side note does anyone on Jambase want to review that good old jamband Phish who completely went right up the mountain of greatness throughout their first leg?!?! I am fearful of the 2nd leg starting out west.


7/12/2010 12:47 PM

Great American Taxi's song "Get No Better" says it all.

"Just when you think it cant get no better, then it does...

Always seems like it's better than it ever was!

Seems like all the good things come at once...

Just when you think it cant get no better then it doooes!" ♫


Thank you Jambase for another STELLAR High Sierra review, the article I MOST look forward to all year long!! You outdun yerselves again! Photos AND words....just the right ones that pull on the heart strings, knowing it wasnt all in my head, that this feeling is shared amongst Thousands.

My Highlights:

~Great American Taxi Big Meadow got the whole party started religiously!!

~Blitzen Trapper's "Laughing Lover" what a beautiful song.

~RUBBLEBUCKET!! She is AMAZING...I happen to be in the right place and caught their KIDS stage set too!!

~Railroad Earth Grand stage "Im A Mess" monster jam

~Being in the middle of the crowd of Panic...soulful stream of craziness

~Vince with Cornmeal and RRE members late nite frenzy

~Karl Denson Late nite with Orgone opening...ORGONE IS HOT!

~Poor Mans Whiskey Dark Side of the Moonshine ~ MIND = BLOWN

~DR. DOG!!! One of the BEST new bands!! Sonic tapestry of melody at its finest!!

~Lotus both sets, surprised me

~Zach Deputy's amazing Newbee spirit

~The Parades!! Being in a HS parade is as easy as walking up and joining in, the feeling is one of a kind

~I traded more morning music for most of Kickball this year, but did see a few innings on Sat AM!

~The Peacock Mobile: takes High Sierra to get me on an Art Car after trying at Burning Man for 4 years? The Peacock Mobile is a special element!! Riiiide it! haha!

~The many great camps, decorated in spirit...Camp Huge, Festiballers, Wood Bee, Markaritaville, Harry, Schwingle, Curly, Happiness....

~Bopping around in attention deficit disorder BLISS. Thats the way to do it at the Great Sierra. There are so many amazing things happening at so many different scales everywhere, to be on your toes and frolic thru the musical tulips without feeling held down anywhere, bits of magic creating your VERY OWN festival tapestry is something purely unique to High Sierra at this creative scale.

~AND My personal winner for MOMENT OF THE FESTIVAL is: RAILROAD EARTH LATE NITE second set "New Jam" which is a celtic instrumental. Words cannot describe the feeling of everyone dancing to that music in that hall. Let me just say, it Dont Get No Better Than That. (But you know it will!)

I LOVE YOU HIGH SIERRA!! Thank you for all the years! May we keep on for another 20!!

7/12/2010 12:53 PM

More Love for:

Nathan Moore Sunday vaudeville ~ just what I needed

Infamous Stringdusters!!

Pimps of Joytime!

Heavyweight Dub was a nice change of pace!

Beats Antique late nite got unexpectedly jammy!

March Fourth always comes thru with Magic

Guitarmageddon with my favorite new rock star Eli Jebediah of PMW

Newfangled Wasteland = Beck bliss, always welcome

Waking up to Big Light familiar melodies raging on big meadow

The Slip closing Big Meadow with Skerik on sax

7/12/2010 01:48 PM

Great year again... If you leave the grounds, do so very cleanly. You’re open season out there, and the sheriffs would love to ruin your weekend.

7/12/2010 02:25 PM

great video i found....this was one of the best festival moments. so sick! Panic with Karl Denson...

7/16/2010 05:37 PM

Amazing and wonderful music. Dr. Dog was in top form, and that's hard to beat. Watch Heavy Guilt - a hard working band with style and great sound.

My advice to future attendees: Take your ear plugs. Leave the kids home unless you want them breathing staggering amounts of smoke, a lot of tobacco and quite a bit of pot. My 16 year-old son was offered ecstasy; he pointed out he was a minor, so they offered him beer instead. If you don't want the smoke and ear-splitting volume, you won't see anything, most shows. You'll be able to hear, though, well away from the stage. Get there the night before for a chance at a decent campsite, otherwise you'll (try to) sleep on a hillside.

The Porta-potties were spotless, cleaned several times a day, and the dust kept down nicely. The shuttle service was iffy, much better to spend the $85 extra to get into the main fairgrounds (once you're in, if you leave you can't drive in again, even for another $85)

rkheath said above that going outside you better be "clean". To expect otherwise might be the result of too much clouding of the mind. Knowing how most people in such rural CA towns think, I'm amazed Quincy allows this, but I guess it's their deal with what they consider the devil.

7/18/2010 03:20 AM

If you are reviewing a festival and Lotus played there and you failed to even mention their name...... you have failed at your article, terribly. All who have seen Lotus know what I'm talking about.

7/20/2010 06:20 PM

Thats what the comments section is for. Lotus rocked High Sierra!

7/20/2010 06:23 PM

I agree it was especially loud this year. 20th anniversary speaker systems were nice, but a wee bit overkill I agree. In my 11 years, this was certainly the loudest. I'm all about loud, but on a stage like Big Meadow, not sure if its needed in that excess.

There might of been more tobacco smoke this year cuz of the bigger population, but most HSMF goers know the ettiquete: SMOKE OFF TO THE SIDE! :)

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