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Nateva/High Sierra Festival Previews
6/30/2010 09:52 AM


Good music is everywhere.... great music is not. Having seen almost every band that is playing at high sierra.... only 1-2 bands on that list at high sierra can make great music.

Actually being on tour with some of the best bands in the land (cheese 150 shows, yonder 50 shows, phish 40 shows).... don't think anything snuck up on me.

Cheers to you. See you at high sierra (yes Im going... just think the lineup is weak.. but the times are alwasy good up there).

7/1/2010 11:52 AM

Dennis, JamBase, thanks for including Newfangled Wasteland video I shot from the front row with Trevor Garrod singing The Golden Age by Beck. It was an awesome late-night moment when I visited San Francisco one time. The youtube I posted spiked up 200 views this week and I wondered where the visitors came from. It was this article.

Check my Youtube channel for more music videos including a Trevor Garrod solo acoustic version of his and Tea Leaf Green's song "Nothing Changes", on banjo. I posted it yesterday. Dennis I think you would enjoy.

DGold, Arkansas Honest Tunes radio

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