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JamBase Questionnaire: John Butler
5/3/2010 09:00 AM

I used to love JBT, seen him a dozen or so times. His music used to be great, now it's just lame mainstream garbage... What kind of conceded asshole fires his own band? It's Shannon and Michaels music just as much as it's his, they helped make it what it is. How would you feel if you were kicked out of a band and now other dudes are playing the music that you laid down and made the song what it is. He can preach all he wants in his songs but he's no better than what he sings about, he's the corporate bitch now!!!!

5/3/2010 07:23 PM

Listen children. Jerry was more than just a great guitar player. He transcended reality. There were moments of grace that I have never seen with another band. Jerry would play and it would seem like raindrops coming off of the guitar. I have seen this clown Butler (Buthole) 14 times at festivals and such.

I used to think he was OK UNTIL I saw him kill the vibe too many times sitting in his chair.

BUTLER has NEVER played anything even close to as transcending and deep as Jerry ever in his life. He may be able to occasionally shred, but anyone who thinks he's even in the same universe as Jerry is obviously just too young to have seen Jerry live.

You'd have to be ignorant or out of your fucking mind to even utter the words that this poser Butlhole is anywhere close to Garcia.

Jon Butlhole has one song. He changes the words, but it is all the same fucking thing. Jerry had a repertoire of 500 songs he could pull out at any time, even when he was old and fat.

Butlhole plays the same 14 songs every night for 40 or 50 dates in a row. He is a loser and ungrateful for all the love our scene has shown him and to his band that put up with his dick head attitude and if I ever run into him I'll slap his ass. If your reading this buthole, bring it on.

Butlhole would have no career in America if not for the dead heads. This is not a matter of opinion you frickin tools. Show some respect. There would be no party without Garcia. The sixties died and Jerry and the Grateful Dead single handedly kept it going for 25 more years until finally Phish came around and then there were 2 bands. Now there are hundreds and they all owe a debt to the dead. So grow up and show some respects.

By the way Zozo, why don't you wait for your balls to drop before you make another comment.

5/5/2010 12:06 PM

Hey BigFro, Jerry was a great player, but far from the only one from his era and not the end all either.

Butler can get a good grove on the axe too. He has gone a bit mainstream, maybe he wants to make a good living ala Jack Johnson. He's not the only one to try that(see Trey's solo crap)

I like that he is shooting high, making an album like "Rumors" won't be easy. The Columbian air drops in Sausalito have gotten way more expensive!

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