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Big Up Fest Dates & Lineup: RAQ, Telepath, Eskmo, Big Gigantic
4/22/2010 12:00 AM

Big Up Fest Dates & Lineup: RAQ, Telepath, Eskmo, Big Gigantic

4/22/2010 03:06 PM

Lineup for this is pretty damn good for only 60 bucks,

* RAQ (Only NE Fest)

* Pnuma Trio

* Headtronics ft. DJ Logic, Steve Molitz (of Particle & Phil and Friends) & Freekbass


* Telepath

* Big Gigantic


* Sub Swara

* The Breakfast

* Kung Fu

* Higher Organix

* Roots of Creation

* The Indobox

* BuzzUniverse

* The Macpodz

* Archnemesis

* Farm Vegas

* Lucid

* Twiddle

* Dirty Paris

* Timbre Coup

* NY Funk Exchange

* Sonic Spank vs. Beam & Deem

* Consider The Source

* UV Hippo

* Dopapod

* The Maniac All-Stars

* Capital Zen

* Nadis Warriors

* The Jack

* Mentally Ill vs. Leila

* Ian Stewart

* DJ Brad Lee

* Blue Boy Productions

* ElectronicAnonymous

* Tucci

* Mother Fletcher

* JamAntics

* Moses & The Electric Company

* The High Peaks Band

* Pia Mater

* Fever Train

* Mos Opus

* Seed

* LeSpecial


* Sugarproof

* The People's Blues of Richmond

* Deafened by Love

* Asleep in a Box

4/22/2010 05:19 PM

I was pretty sure there was another raq show in vt or ny

4/22/2010 07:38 PM

haha "RAQ's only NE festival appearance," then three items later in the news is Raq at camp hahaha. i bet somebody is gonna be disputing a contract with their agent

4/22/2010 09:16 PM

RAQ is playing Camp Barefoot 4 Music Festival in Bartow, WV. That is below the mason dixon line so I guess you can consider this as a southeast show. Camp Barefoot 4 rocks with Steve Kimock Crazy Engine, Kyle Hollingsworth Band, RAQ, EOTO, Particle, Toubab Krewe, Big Gigantic, Garaj Mahal, Kung Fu, The Breakfast, Hackensaw Boys and many and it is only $95.....

4/23/2010 08:49 AM

Hmmmm, this is the cheapest and closest to home festival I've heard of yet. And while the lineup isn't full of huge names it is pretty damn good. Headtronics sounds promising, OTT is always a treat, Pnuma Trio, and I understand even some jungle. I've always felt that hippie festivals should embrace jungle/drum n bass more. Camp bisco usually has a token act (Dieselboy this year, will be sick) but it should go further.

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