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Rhythm Devils: Hart, Kreutzmann Keller, Sikiru, Knowles, Hess
4/23/2010 09:22 AM

i had never heard this group until my girl friend gave me thier live dvd a few years ago for xmas. it was sick. the chick singer was good too, but i forget her name. and now that i recolect, she was alright. the rhythm was were it was at.

4/23/2010 07:11 PM

[i]"i think keller is one of the few vocalists to perform dead tunes post dead that really does them justice. he understands them from years of devout fandom and really delivers with delicate respect (something jackie green, among others, failed to comprehend, while beating the lyrics and melody to death with a self-serving, diva-esque kind of swagger)."[/i]

WOW.....I think you just revived my appreciation for Keller Williams. Touche!

I'm looking forward to Northwest String Summit!

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