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The Disco Biscuits Change The Anthem
3/24/2010 11:08 AM

LOL@ faggots talking about when DB was "good". I like new album, I saw bisco several years ago live and I wasn't impressed.

3/24/2010 05:44 PM

Hey guys! Relax! No space to hate in a critique!

The cd may not be something that you can really get down to. BUT - they really tore up those songs during the 09' tour!!

Like some others have said, they are a jamband. The CD is just the framework for awesome jams, which are 100% differant at every show!

At first, I didn't really dig the tunes. After a few days, I've been able to enjoy them a little more. My real excitement will be listening to the soundboards and hearing how they use the new songs.

I can't wait until starscape, richmond and another 4/20 in DC. Much love to the Biscuits.

3/24/2010 08:00 PM

whoever compared hammerstrike to this piece of shit album is out of their tree.

3/28/2010 09:29 AM

The funny thing is that The Biscuits could have made the best album of the year with all the great New songs they have written, but this album includes the worst of the batch. Even songs like The City and Loose Change, which rock hard live are unlistenable on the album. The reason I like the Biscuits more than a Dj is that Dj is limited to the records he has. It seems the Dj that produced this labum took the great sound of the Biscuits and cut it down to DJ size so they can compete. Here is a tack list of new songs that would have been the album I expected.




The Great Abyss

Air Song


Caves of the East

The City (non faggy Rock version)

Park Ave

Uber Glu>Tamarin Alley

On Time

Loose Change (live version)

As is the album is unlistenable. It totally cuts Johnny's guitar work out of the equation as only a Dj would do.

I love the Disco Biscuits. THe New Years Run was epic. If only the album sounded like the way they play live!

People will go see this band and wonder if it is the same band on the album.


3/28/2010 09:32 AM

By the way Twigburst. Your a loser. The Disco Biscuits own you. The dead released plenty of crappy alums also and kept bringing it, but you just sit home and judge because you have no skill of your own except insults. What a dick, If you had a real opinion, then I would care, but it seems to me that your one of those faggot DJ boys that is too lazy to learn about instruments.

Your just a hater with douche bag taste.


Everyone knows you get less.

3/29/2010 08:25 PM

^sounds awful

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