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The Disco Biscuits: Planet Anthem
3/24/2010 05:48 PM

Hey guys! Relax! No space to hate in a critique!

The cd may not be something that you can really get down to. BUT - they really tore up those songs during the 09' tour!!

Like some others have said, they are a jamband. The CD is just the framework for awesome jams, which are 100% differant at every show!

At first, I didn't really dig the tunes. After a few days, I've been able to enjoy them a little more. My real excitement will be listening to the soundboards and hearing how they use the new songs.

I can't wait until starscape, richmond and another 4/20 in DC. Much love to the Biscuits.

P.S. Biscuit shows are ALWAYS good. There are a few though, that are completely mindblowing. Just to correct the haters.

3/29/2010 11:21 AM

Speaking purely objectively: This album is really, really bad.

3/31/2010 05:12 PM

do people really listen to these guys? i thought they were a joke??

4/14/2010 05:36 AM

quick sumary for those who missed it

untz untz antz "cause you know that im toxic" untz da untz un antz "hit me baby one more time"

I dont even like the biscuits although I really like dance music except maybe the exception of some earlier songs they used to bust out big time but ever since 07 I just havent been able to get into em... but im with whoever spoke about the reviewer putting them on the turn with Britney shit that is a far off fantasy that im sure brownie and comp. would love but it definetly undercuts the rest of the review making people question the intention of the review ( as a negative rather then objecftive listen) as well as bringing up an illogical point because "Jams" will never be for the masses like hiphop and pop

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