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Jam Cruise 8 | 01.03.10 - 01.08.10
1/17/2010 10:36 PM

Those who haven't been to Jam Cruise need to experience it at least once in their lives. Funny thing is once you go you can't ever imagine yourself missing it. This year I went to Bonaroo, Rothbury, 10,000 lakes and Telluride Bluegrass and I can honestly say none of those festivals are in the same league. Where else can you have a smoke and bs with Robert Walter while giving Karl Denson a high five as he walks to the Jam room?

1/18/2010 08:59 AM

Wow... I've never been to Jam Cruise but this is probably the best review of anything I've ever read on this site. Amazing, heart-felt words and descriptions of everything!!! Awesome pictures too!

1/20/2010 01:19 PM

why the fuck did i spend 800 bucks for a carnival cruise this winter? I told myself...never again on a boat unless its for this party!

1/24/2010 03:08 AM

Phenomenal review Dennis, agreed w/ everything you so eloquently wrote & glad you had a blast! About 1700 of my excellent pix are at There's probably about an equal mix of bands (literally 100s more than I've seen anyone else post anywhere) & crowd shots. I hope that's not considered spam! Here was my much more elemental review:

It was definitely one of the best weeks of my life and worth every penny!!

Everything about Jam Cruise was as good or even better than I expected and my xpectations were rather lofty!!

* All the music was jaw-droppingly good - highlights of the highlights for me were:

* The Motet's all-Talking Heads show had even better musicianship and more energy than the Stop Making Sense film, which is my favorite concert on film or video;

* Galactic in the theater - they had a huge horn section of Karl Denson, Skerik, Corey Henry, Trombone Shorty and his two sax players, plus George Porter, Robert Walter, Luther Dickinson and Ivan Neville sat in

* George Porter all-star jam w/ about the same folks and then some

* Trombone Shorty's sail-away show had me wondering if anything might top it, but as Vince Herman says, "Just when you think it can't get any better, it does!"

* Honorable mentions, roughly in order, but who's counting?:

* the last late night Jam Room show

* Dragon Smoke w/ Stanton Moore, Robert Mercurio, Eric Lindell and Ivan Neville, w/ Lee Oskar literally blowing it up on harmonica sitting in

* Maceo Parker on the pool deck

* Fantastic Four (Adam Deitch, Robert Walter, George Porter, Eric Krasno) + another five or so

* Railroad Earth on the pool deck - best show I've seen of theirs by a long way

* Lotus's theater show

* Hot Buttered Rum, but what else is new?

* KDTU - ditto

* The Word - 1st time I saw them and Robert Randolph, John Medeski, Chris Chew, Luther and Cody Dickinson didn't disappoint

* Oodles of the best musicians on the planet sat in on virtually every set

* Ran into most of the musicians in the cafeteria, restaurants, halls, elevators, venues, bars, airport

* Food was available 24 hours a day and it was better than it had been reported; I certainly didn't expect lobster, which I thought was better than some folks' opinions; pizza was great and most pasta dishes were good; breakfast (eggs, bacon, little sausages, bagels, muffins) is breakfast and is nice at 5 a.m. after the festivities; lots of salad choices & fruit

* There was actually time to eat! At every other festy I've been to that's been a big problem b/c there's never a break in the music & I think it's sacrilegious to miss a minute of music

* Got three nights of rather good sleep in a comfortable bed and wasn't awakened by the sun, heat, yapping dogs, music or loud wooks as in a tent @ every other festy or another

* Relaxed in a perfect-temperature jacuzzi (could have even listened & seen bands from two of them) for several hours on the two island days w/ the nicest peeps

* Aside from some feedback at a couple of shows, the sound was excellent

* Fabulous light shows and stage decoration

* Aside from light rain one night, none of the venues were too hot or cold despite the crowds at a couple of indoor venues

* Venues were 5 minutes or less from one another

* No problem at all getting right up front for every set no matter when I got there or which venue

* Almost every set started on time

* No sand, dirt, mud, gravel, uneven grass to wear out my feet

* Could actually sit at every venue now and again and be close to the stage or even see it!!

* The entire ship and venues were extremely trippy (especially the disco)

* Full bars with good beer, reasonable prices and very little waiting (shhhhh, but it's possible to bring a lot of liquor in small plastic bottles in the luggage porters bring to your cabin; my bar tab was $40 & a few peeps gave me beer tix they had left on the last day)

* Hot, private shower w/out a long walk or waiting as other festies

* Private, clean bathroom always stocked w/ toilet paper minutes away from wherever I was w/ no waiting (rather than porta-toilets w/ the contrary)

* Bunches of cool costumes the entire week

* I didn't even get off the boat at either Jamaica (woke up at 2 p.m. & it poured that day) or Cayman Islands (got up at 1 p.m., had to take a 30 minute ferry boat to get there and heard snorkeling wasn't happening much anyhow b/c the water was too rough and murky) - those were the days I sat in the jacuzzi

* Weather could have been much nicer, as it was windy, c as I expected

* Sunsets on Wednesday and Thursday during the MOFRO and George Porter pool deck sets were two of the most drop-dead gorgeous I've ever seen and I took a few dozen of the best pix I've ever taken to prove it!

* Everyone made me feel like I'd been on the cruise for years - exceptionally cool, hard-partying, late night JCers!! Wish I could have spent more time w/ all my friends who I hardly ran into, but a bunch of folks on Facebook and the JC Forum were real nice to meet in person

1/24/2010 03:11 AM

Link again:

1/25/2010 11:32 AM

Oh, MAN! I've never heard of the JamBase Cruise before! It sounds awesome! If you book GFE- I will HAVE to go!!!

1/25/2010 05:07 PM

anjanjbobanj - Jambase didn't put the cruise on. Company called Cloud 9 in Florida did.

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