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Caribbean Holidaze | 12.10 - 12.14 | Jamaica
1/10/2010 09:11 AM

To anyone who says you can' afford to go to festies like Holidaze, get a job. I've been attending NYE in SF and such while living in the midwest since I was a 19. I bartended and saved. Subsequent to that, I have worked legit jobs until the age of 38. Right now, I'm planning an Umph run from Flag to Denver. Sickening I know. I may even take my three year old. He wants to meet Jake. Peace out folks and "one less bag of headies" is probably a good idea.

1/10/2010 09:40 AM

Oh, and the gorgeous one doing yoga is Joel's wife. He wears a ring, and they're always together. He's no Tiger. Love to all, even the haters. They need it the most.

3/18/2010 01:39 PM

Holidaze was a blast! It's not as intense or musically dense as Jamcruise, but it's more about the beach, the food, the vibe and chillaxing. It's definitely hard to do both of those festies (even with a high-paying job). It takes time to travel and get ready, and good to spend an extra day just chilling on the beach. The water was perfect in both the ocean and the four or five pools, and even the buffet food was top-notch (the sit-down food was 5 stars and you got a performance if you went to the hibachi grill).

Figure a grand and change for five days including room, food and music...that's a pretty good deal. At a club show, I can easily spend a buck on gas, tix, food + drinks, for only one or two bands! And no bikinis (or not)!!! Yeah, plane tix are big coin if you're flying from afar (like Seattle)...but it's like another country, ya know? ;-}

You don't need to see every set every night, you can stroll around and still catch all the bands (since they rotate). It's also not too crowded, so there's room everywhere to dance, and there are many vantage points (terrain and buildings, bridges, pools...visually the resorts are stunning, as are the patrons).

Since the schedule is a bit looser than most festies, there's plenty of time to do shore activites. The excursions to the falls and Marley's birthplace were just a couple. If you're looking for the most bands for the buck, Holidaze is not your bag. The bands are only some of the's definitely about the music, but it's not ALL about the music!

Holidaze gets a perfect 10 out of 10 in my book. It's the best at what it is.

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