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Kiss | 11.22 | Oakland
12/2/2009 02:21 PM

Like any of you would not trade your jobs to be a member of KISS. They had the perfect business model. Made millions, traveled the world, dated movie stars, and had damn good time. Where do I sign up? Same old gripe. By the way since you talking about the usual Phish vs Panic thing. Look at the top 100 grossing musical acts for the last 10-12 years and you will find both bands there every year. They are not doing too bad.

12/2/2009 02:56 PM

you guys make me laugh

Kiss has had a way bigger effect on the musical landscape than every "jamband" that ever was, save maybe the Dead or Allmans(if you consider them jambands)

Kiss was everywhere in the 70s, a total worldwide cultural icon. All the kids on my block in NJ where in the Kiss army and loved it!

Sure they are cheesy and an over the top spectacle, but that is the whole point!

Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud!!!

12/4/2009 06:20 AM

When the wrinkles show through the makeup it may be time to hang it up

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