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Gathering of the Vibes 2010
11/29/2009 12:58 PM

If ANyone remembers. I remember a ton of complaints 2 years ago about the increase sketch factor. The said that they were listening, and addressing concerns. Apparently that was complete bs. They were supposed to tighten up security and actually keep some vibes flowing. I like a nice shakedown flow too. I can only imagine how bad that was for people who brought there kids. Almost thought they wouldnt have another one this year.

ITs amazing. They sat they listen, and they care about the people coming out and paying to come to the fest see some bands, and enjoy some good vibes. And then last years got even sketchier.

Idk, they better do something different this year. It shouldn't be up to the kids to take security into their own hands.

Do what you promised. Listen to the very real concerns about the major problems.

I'm in no way a fan of nazi security, but it's gotv. The vibes. At least try to keep it under control. I don't want your meth, your crack, and I'm def not buying your balloons anymore.

Oh well, last vibes for me i think.

11/29/2009 02:19 PM

Like I said, it's up to us to clean up the scene...

I hate the no2 scene...I hate the H and blow scene....I hate the pill scene...

I know the cops do their job, that's why I don't want them there doing it with vigor.

The problem here is everyone is already set in their view, and don't seem willing to look at a different point of view.

The same knee jerk reaction is what caused us to give up our rights after 9/11.

Just sit back...take a deep breath...and chill out... and demand is the problem...get rid of the demand, and the supply goes away.

11/29/2009 07:39 PM

I would like to go on record and say while I had a very medicore time at Vibes- my site was cordoned off by police tape on Sunday due to the body being two tents over- and I really didn't catch wind of foul play from the police.

Really- I think some kid fucked up- somebody freaked and dumped him...

11/29/2009 07:51 PM

Thank you temple...finally some hear say and urban legand type rumors!

11/29/2009 09:32 PM

I also witnessed the GDF destroying some dudes car- and really, guy looked like he had zero affilation with N20 mafia.

Listen- I dispise the n20 mafia as much as anyone else in the world- but how about just saying no to nitrious? Don't bitch about them in one sentance while using your next breath to huff a balloon. It's stupid.

It's the same as bitching about the cop presence at venues like Bear Creek- and then saying they don't get involved enough up here.

Can't have it both ways folks. Take action, and say no to n20.

11/30/2009 09:36 AM

groups of people on drugs adhereing to violence. Never a good outcome. be it GDF or NO2Mafia. however, i live in the mid west, never attended GOTV and probably never will. ME and my group are patrons of Wakarusa, and when some shady fucks are lurking around our campsite we send em packing. maybe were just a bunch of red neck good ol boys from the missouri and arkansas, but we protect our sacred ground and were not the only ones.

11/30/2009 11:40 AM

Vida you want to post a little more on here?In terms of things we can do, going to the headie fests and leaving the sketchy ones behind. IF they aren't going to make an effort, then I'm not going to support them.

They told everyone after last year that they were going to actually try to do something, and that never happened. I just want to go to a fest with some real vibes, some good music, and some cool people

11/30/2009 01:33 PM

wasnt gathering of the vibes like the favorite fest of the dead heads. was this the one in west virginia or was that something else

11/30/2009 08:16 PM

I wasn't aware that there was a posting limit....and that you couldn't respond to people attacking said comments.

seeing as I live very close to B-port I felt I had a right to comment...but maybe I was wrong.

I'm sure there are way headier festies...but the Vibes does good for B-port, and I'm pretty sure it's at a cheaper price tag, and with far less of a fascist state than red hook.

12/1/2009 06:45 AM

Just saying know need to post 10+ times. And people might have been attacking you(with words oh know) because of your first comment.

He said he never thought he'd say it, but a little extra security might be nice. What is wrong with that?

Nobody was talking about a military style fest. If you were there last year, you know it was nothing close to that, it was just sketchy.

People just want to at least know that there safe, and there shit won't get messed with and stolen. Or not have to deal with hard drugs seemingly outnumbering the headie stuff, and balloons being sold 24/7 with tanks for wholesale.

Security is there to protect people and provide a safe/fun experience for the ticket holder. They weren't doing there job.

I'm on the same page as he was. I usually don't like dealing with securtiy, so I in no way support out of control security, but damn. They need to do something.

What they should do at fests is let you bring in own whippits. Then the n02 guys would have no one to sell to really.

Idk, I just hate to see fests get that sketchy.

Look at camp bisco? It's the fucking biscuits, and you still don't see tanks raging, especially not everywhere all day everyday

12/1/2009 01:04 PM

Funny you'd say that...cause I do bring whippits to the shows...cause I don't trust what's in the bottles.

As for cops...they only seem to have 2 speeds...on & off. That was the reason for the wording of my first comment.

12/3/2009 08:58 AM

Hello everyone, I am Mr_Pat from Gathering of The Vibes. I just came across this thread and would like to address some of your concerns and if you have any question feel free to ask.

First off, the one that is in the forefront of everyone’s mind, security. Last year things didnt go as well as we would have hoped. Those that know the Vibes and know some of us the work for them, know its run by Deadheads top to bottom. We want the vibes to be a safe & fun festival. I can tell you there will be changes this year. While I cant go into exact details, I can say we have dropped or main contracted security firm. They will not be back. You will see an increased security presence. We believe what the scene that the modern, organized Nitrous Oxide distribution creates is a cancer to the scene. N2O is legal in Ct. Until know there has been nothing that the local police could do about it. We are working with the City of Bridgeport to have a local ordinance made and on the books to ban the use and possession of N2O in Bridgeport city parks. This will give the police an added incentive to help us in cracking down on these guys.

Next I would like to talk about these rumors floating around about Vibes 2009 that have been posted in the papers and on line. First the missing n2o tanks. Our security team confiscated aprox 100 tanks. All of these tanks were turned in, in accordance with the procedures that were established with the city and were never missing. Why did the papers report different? I don’t know. Why haven’t they corrected their original story, that a hell of a question and my personal guess is, it doesn't sell papers.

Next is the unfortunate death we had on site of a young man. Jays death was ruled an "accidental overdose" by the Connecticut Medical Examiner’s office. There were no signs of foul play. We find it truly disturbing that so called friends would treat a friend like this. We need to take care of and look out for each other.

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