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moe.down 10 | 09.04 - 09.06 | New York
9/18/2009 07:30 PM

I wasn't at moe down but I've seen The London Souls before. Best power trio I've seen in a really long time. How was their set?

9/21/2009 03:38 PM

I was also fortunate enough to photograph the down.x

Gallery's here:

And one note to all of you out there...while I hope you enjoy the photographs, and I'm sure some will, and others won't, being a bit less ravenous in your posts to reviews and photo galleries may behoove all of us. No one's perfect, and attempting to attend, not to mention actually cover and write up ever single act (or close enough) of a 3 days festival is an enviable task. Even in year's when I wasn't "covering" the festivities over the 4 "down's" I've been too, I could barely make 75 % of the shows, as the available distractions and incredible atmosphere in the camp grounds are too hard to miss. (Oh yeah, and once in a while I caught a few minutes sleep).

Of course everyone has their right to critique posts, especially when they are casting opinions and making some mistakes, but let's get real here for a minute. Some of you are absolutely out of line. This guy (I had the pleasure of meeting in the pit btw) worked hard to capture the weekend in his eyes, NOT define it mind you, but just tell you his thoughts. And nothing's worse then a chat board hero that finds a big set of balls in their annonimity and tees off on some little bullshit details. Are you all the same people being all nice to each other, dancing and smiling endlessly at the down?

How about a little note on the side to the author to make some friendly corrections? How about casting your opinion, or even disagreeing strongly but not foaming at the mouth because someone called it the Charlie Brown song as opposed to it's real title. Guess what pal, 99% of the crowd called it the Charlie Brown song when it was played, they loved it, Rob killed it...and no one stopped to listen to the only geek that new the real title and wanted to make sure everyone knew how smart he was...seriously.

So anyway, I've now set myself up to get ripped to shreds, which is cool....the photos were just how I saw the do as you will, but please, try to be a little more like you are when you're there, when your happy, and cut some people some slack...

It's fucking moe.down for satan's sake...relax.

Good job Rob...fuck 'em all.

9/22/2009 11:48 AM

some really nice pics. I like the fact that you got the little things. The guys with the parachute plane thing, a lot of crowd shots, some amazing shots of the band. The pictures were awesome. Great shots of the hill, day and night photos. I think you might have Jim Loughlin mislabeled as Vinnie Amico in a few pics.

Only thing i can say is that i wish you had snagged some pics of the camping area.

Good job though, thanks a lot for sharing. See you next year.

9/22/2009 12:04 PM

Thanks for the kind's truly the coolest thing, for me personally, to do in the entire world. I'm not a musician by a long shot, but being able to capture those moments of the bands, the crowd etc in their moments of perfection is really more of an honor then a job.

Of course I mislabeled a's a total bitch managing this many images, and I'm sure it was 4 am as I was trying to put all the info embarassing. I'll fix those up asap, and thank you for pointing that out...I hope niether Jim nor Vinnie had a chance to see yet...

Did you do that review with Rob's pics? or were you just first to comment?

9/22/2009 12:08 PM

...oh and on the campground...I completely agree, and actually I shoot lots of street candids etc on my own..problem was, while the overall atmosphere was much cooler sans Nos Mafia, I found people to be a bit more paraniod because of the intense and intrusive "peace patrol" this year. So, while that definitely would have rounded out the galleries, I had to choose to just relax and be one of the crowd while outside.

maybe next time...

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