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An Interview with Trouble
9/8/2009 07:42 AM

LAME! I'm sick of dudes trying to act hardcore with their chains, goofball shades, oversized hats, and tough guy attitude. Then you go to take a piss and they're always the guys doing their hair in the mirror.

Crunk is the new Disco.

9/20/2009 09:20 AM

Why is this on JamBase? This indie hipster sucks, just like that song that was posted. Is he on here because Santigold is his girlfriend? I've never heard of him or his shitty band, and to call him a rhyme master, or sensation, or whatever, c'mon JamBase, I KNOW you can do better than this crap. The guy had nothing to say about his music, he just likes to swear and be hip, how boring. Get this crap of JamBase. No wonder I never come here to read the articles anymore.

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