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STS9 Colorado Late Nights
7/21/2009 01:34 PM

Goddamn Boulder kids. I hope you all appreciate how fuckin great you have it out there. Man I wish I wasn't stuck in the fuckin swamp. Enjoy the show, throw it down for an old tribe kid that can't be there.

7/22/2009 07:12 PM

fun fun fun :P

live overseas now, but was recently home for visit and got to see two nights of tribe, my favorite band, at rothbury and it was incredible.

dont know what you all are complaining about, they just grow, evolve, and improve. been a privelege to see them go from the loose, flowing, electronic jamband they began as to the powerful, crisp, tight machine theyve become, while still keeping true to their roots. i love it all though. wish i could be there. will have to wait another year for some more sound tribe. have fun.

ps why spend your time writing about a band you dont like :)

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