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Emmitt and Nershi: Taking A Step Back
7/14/2009 04:14 PM

henry88- Keller would not be a solid permanent member of SCI, they are two totally different styles and Nersh is the main founding member. I am not a big KW fan but he is a phenomenol guitar player that just wouldn't flow well with Cheese. You just can't replace Billy and still have any remnant of SCI left. Kang, Kyle, Keith, Hann, and Travis, are all phenomenol artists as well but when you take away any of them it takes away from more than 1/6 of the whole. salvadordail-- I haven't really looked at all the late-night schedules for fests. I was really just referring to the fests that I have been to; Scamp, Waka, and Roth. This was more of an observation of a trend that I believe is developing. I also want to make a point about my previous point regarding electronic music. I don't think it takes any less talent, creativity, or soul to create synthetic music, it's just that I prefer roots music and it does much more for me than any other type.

Emmitt-Nershi is the heat and I cannot wait to see them soon!!!

7/16/2009 12:06 AM

Thank you for the wonderfully written article. it warms my heart to hear such a great tribute to two of the great ambassadors of bluegrass to the younger generation. Without Nershi and Emmitt (Salmon and Cheese), I may never have discovered my true passion for the wonderous acoustic sound of bluegrass music. I cannot wait to get my feet stompin to these guys again!

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