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Bonnaroo | 06.11 - 06.14 | Manchester, TN
6/22/2009 06:35 PM

moe. saturday was one of the best sets of this festival.

If you missed it like the author to sleep you need a head check.

Two Am until six AM with no set break.

Mars Volta were severely dissapointing.

Not the best Roo ever.

No mention of Snoop Dog.

Smoke weed every day.

6/23/2009 10:47 PM

somebody call a fucking wambulance for these haters. If you really think bonnaroo sucks that much and the "vibes" are stale then just stay the fuck home. A truly amazing weekend. Firday was absolutely nonstop; animal collective >santigold>grizzly bear>al green>TV on the radio> beasties>david byrne>phish>girltalk holy fucking shit

NIN last show ever in the US! Why is this not truly registering with the press? This was such an amazing set. You know its an emotional set when even the reznor starts to break down a little bit. Volta are back! Gabriela is fucking amazing and erikah bady is such a badass.

best roo ever. such a great fucking weekend. if you can't handle your drugs or your "vibes" then seriously, just don't fucking go and shut up.

love people posting comments who didn't go by the way. kill yourself

6/24/2009 05:43 AM

Wait, did you just request a wambulance for haters and then post some hate for people who didn't go? Maybe you should take your own advice.

6/24/2009 02:29 PM

maddmax... well....aren't you gay...

wambulance? NIN? erikah badu? please do not say those names in the same sentence with phish.

who can't handle their drugs? you can ? lol. trust me I can handle way more drugs than you could ever hope too. We didn't go cus we didn't want to go. Hope you had fun in that 100+ degree weather, standing behind those 50000 people at every show.

and please keep going to bonnaroo and stay off phish or cheese tour in 2010. you'll need an ambulance if I see you there....

6/26/2009 12:50 PM

I hate PHISH

Phish, NIN, erikah badu, animal collective, mars volta, phish

I DID have a blast (and it only hit 90)

yeah, i must be gay. What are you 14?

6/26/2009 02:39 PM

To bad at moe. down they could only jam out till like 3. Glad the boys are touring again. And quite a few festis after a pretty clutch winter tour.

moe. down, best 100 bucks you'll spend

7/19/2009 08:40 PM

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