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Wakarusa | 06.04 - 06.07 | Arkansas
6/14/2009 09:11 AM

great write-up, the kind that both makes me feel like i WAS there and makes me ache because i WASN'T. i'm definitely gonna have to take Waka into closer consideration for next summer.

6/14/2009 09:17 AM

oh yeah, and the tent with those huge inflatables looks CRAZY cool. i hope Rothbury manages to compete somehow...

6/15/2009 07:11 AM

Looks like this was a great time!! So sad I wasn't able to go.. hopefully next year!!

6/15/2009 11:26 AM

This festival was absolutely beautiful in every way! I'm very impressed with this write-up as the author really was able to grasp the magic of the weekend. I recommend to those who weren't there to try and find copies of some of the performances, as every band seemed to be giving it their all. My personal highlights: Jimmy Herring Band - No Quarter, Govt Mule - Sugaree, late night PGroove, both Yonder Sets, both Railroad sets, both STS9 sets, Black Crowes... and many more. Im truly happy that Wakarusa got a facelift and upgraded to Mulberry Mountain. The festival rivals any of the country's best (Rothbury, 10klf, All Good, etc) and its only going to get better.

6/15/2009 06:57 PM

So glad to hear Waka went off with such a bang. Could not make it to this one but tickets are in the mail for Harvest. Great venue and always a pleasure to visit!

Also, Big shout out to the guy who found my friends wallet in the middle of the field and then found him to give it back. That is just a great example of the fan base!!


6/16/2009 11:38 AM

Man I literally live 20 minutes from Ozark, Arkansas and was extremely bummed that I couldn't go because I live in Florida now. Glad to see all went well. All my friends back home said it was one of the greatest times they have ever had. I shouldn't complain I was at the Wanee Festival. Sure wish I could have seen The Crowes play only 20 minutes from my house.

6/17/2009 09:59 AM

I've been to quite a few different festivals, and while Wakarusa 2006 was the absolute worst (not due to Wakarusa itself, but big brother killed any positive vibes), Wakarusa 2009 was the most fun yet. And the line up was strong. Maybe not the biggest headliners, but plenty of good quality bands, including some I've wanted to see for a very long time. The late night scene was unbelievable. Plus not having to walk very far, smaller crowds and cool nights made it very easy to see more shows - and I mean SEE them, not just hear them.

I'm so glad Mulberry Mountain pulled it off smoothly and I sincerely hope this is the start of a long Wakarusa-Arkansas relationship. Hopefully Arkansas first-timers got a small glimpse of how beautiful this state is and also how cool and laid-back most Arkansans are.

8/8/2009 07:01 PM

Hi:i was attacked and robbed in the campground on friday afternoon at the fesitval,the basics are assailant had a female accomplice whose identity has been positviely determined, but we are still trying to locate the identity of the assailant himself, or any witneses.


what happened:some news:I recently received a series of text messages from someone claiming to be the accomplice to the attack at wakarusa

they wouldn't identify themselves, i.e .last name, etc.

HOWEVER: the person claimed the guy who attacked me at wakarusa is named 'everett wyatt', and has been known to use the nickname 'the captain'--presumably he tends to frequent performances by the shwag (STL area/MO/TN/AR) and nearby festivals.

he is CAUCASIAN: 6'2, to 6'4",closely cropped dark hair. has various tattoos, but most notably, one of a pentagram, roughly the size of a 45rpm record on his back.

there is a photo of the female accomplice HERE: ... D=57064588

^^this persons last name-is, most likely, 'richmond'.DOB is believed to be August 22, 1986'^^

their last known address is believed to be in Bristol, CT.

the female pictured above, is believed to have recently been in attendance (within the last four years) at 'bergen county community college', in paramus, NJ.

the person in this photo is wanted for questioning by Detective Robert Limbocker of the Franklin County(AR) Sherriffs Department.His direct supervisor is Sherriff Reed Haynes. If you know her, please put her in touch with Detective Limbocker.

She is believed to know the whereabouts/be in posession of my stolen property.

She is known to be a person who can positively identify the individual who attacked me, and two other people the weekend of june 5,2009, in franklin county arkansas.

I do not know what charges, if any, other than accomplice would be brought against this person.However, she is the one person who knows with any certainty the identity or whereabouts of my assailant and is the most likely person with knowledge of the whereabouts of my property.

she has been seen on the recently concluded ratdog tour,

(there was a verified sighting at glen allen) and is believed to be heading to Phish.

if you know the whereabouts or can confirm the indentity of either of these individuals, and are not comfortable speaking to the police, I can be reached at (720) 838-6564, after 7pm mountain time, and before 6am, mountain time.

or if you wish, you may contact Detective Robert Limbocker, of the Franklin County Sherriffs Deapartment., or his supervisor, Sherriff Reed Haynes.

Det. Limbocker can be reached at (479) 667-4127

Det Limbocker is also trying to determine the identities of the two guards who witnessed the attack, and intentionally let the assailant go.if you have any idea who these two guards are, please call either # above.-there is the possibility, however slight, that the two guards may have been involved in the robbery portion, at the very least. the refusal of their supervisor to identify them for deposition, to detective limbocker, is of particularly questionable integrity, ast best.

this attack, and subsquent robbery took place at the wakarusa festival, franklin county arkansas.

please feel free to repost this on any relevant boards.

thank you,


I had been wrestling with whether or not to post this information, in an appeal for assistance with identification, but now that there has been a homicide on the scene, elsewhere,(vibes) I have come to the conclusion that the best thing for everyone is for someone to come forward with positive identification of the person who attacked me at wakarusa.

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