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Matisyahu: Dub Trio Backing Band Tour with Umph & Claypool
5/11/2009 02:45 PM

whats worse than an umphs show? a umphs show with matsi

whats worse than a les show? a les show with matsi

5/13/2009 04:35 PM

I personally was not into Matis but after listening to his stuff for quite a bit I have actually become a big fan. If you see him live and don't know the songs then it probably won't be that thrilling for you - kinda like the flaming lips. I know their songs so love the live show but a buddy of mine was unimpressed since he did not know any of the songs.

But I love to Dance and I will say one thing - Matis songs are very dancable with good grooves once you listen to him - so listen first before seeing him live and you will enjoy!

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