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Midterms Matter!

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8/30/2012 06:55 AM

Why the fuck are politicians completely incapable of telling the truth to get their message across? More importantly, why do so many sheeple buy into the lies?


This is just an example coming from the right, but the left is guilty as well, just not as much.

9/7/2012 12:14 PM

hey tonk,

i read your linked article and it definitely implied that congressman ryan was trying to mislead. while it appears to me that he has 1 perspective, tnr didn't verify that the vp nominee lied even once, much less 5 times. a lie is an untrue statement but neither your attribution nor any of the other pro-obama media have been able to validate even 1 untrue statement in the speech, and that was a long fucking speech! calling someone a liar doesn't make it so.

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