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Speakers List For The 16th NY Harvest Festival & Freedom Fair
8/15/2012 05:56 PM

Speakers so far:

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow - The Ordinary People's Society

Jason West - Mayor, Village of New Paltz

Isaac Abrams - Artist

Christopher Edes - Libertarian Candidate for US Senate (NY)

Rob Robinson - NY Cannabis Alliance / Event Founder

Dave Lawson - Medical Cannabis Patient

Lisa Roche - The Truth & Science Policy Project

Burton Aldrich - Medical Cannabis Patient

Sarah Peck - Mother Natures Army

Rich Moroski - Medical Cannabis Patient

Jessica Abrams - Green in Greene

Mike Kessler - Medical Cannabis Patient

Brian Kuprian - Gardening Is Never A Crime

John Skerit - Activist & Friend of the Harvest Fest

Kurt Shotko - Common Sense Revival, Host WFTE Frack Report

Kenneth Toglia - Medical Marijuana Association of NY

Johnny Pot Seed - OverGrow

and more TBA!!!!!!!

http://www.damnsam.com for all the details if interested :)

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