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What I wish the candidates had said. . . .
10/8/2008 08:58 AM

Here are a few things I wish SOMEBODY (not the moderator) had said at the debate. What do you wish that they had said?

1. (on Energy) - The US sends more money to foreign nations on oil a year than the bailout that the govt. just passed. WE prop up regimes that operate against our best interest. What America MUST do is institute the largest public works project since the space project to achieve energy independence. A man on the moon, the atomic bomb, the Eisenhower interstate system were all giant govt. projects well worth the money, they all created MILLIONS of jobs. We can GREATLY help the economy if we directly address this problem. It means nuclear, DRILLING, clean coal, but most of all it means direct and indirect investment in research and green energy. America can create millions of manufactoring and high wage r&d jobs by attacking photovoltaic storage alone. America must also directly address the automotive industry and TRULY tighten fuel efficiency standards. It is a great challenge born of a great crisis, but times of crisis are also times of opportunity are America can and will prove up to this task. - (followed by following up on this promise with legislation proposed in the senate and a rescintion of the bailout bill. and yes i know Obama hinted at this, but 150 billion a year is {shocking I know} NOT ENOUGH to achieve this goal)

2. on the economy

Bad times do not last forever. Neither do the good times. America has been living above its means for years. Unfortunately the world economy will get worse before it gets better, and the darkest days will come when our unfunded entitlement programs come crashing down. That time will make the current crisis seem like days of milk and honey. We must retool our expectations of entitlement, and prepare for a drastic cut in social security benefits.

3. on health care

If current trends continue Medicaid and Medicare will cripple the government's budget. We can provide free health care that is publicly paid in a privately provided system to every american if a new tax is instituted (say a payroll tax of 5-10 %, a HUGE tax increase) and new regulations come into play allowing the govt. to negotiate with providers on cost. Right now if you receive medicaid the govt. cuts a check to your provider for whatever service they provide. Their is no haggling or negotation. OVer 1/3 of medical bills are already paid by the govt., I propose paying all medical bills with public funds, raised by a special tax increase, while keeping the private providers and instituting new rules for properly ascertaining the true cost and profit of the services rendered. This idea should be presented directly to the AMERICAN PEOPLE Themselves VIA a national referendum on an up or down vote. Therefore it would be accomplished by DIRECT instead of REPRESENTATIONAL democracy. (which means it may not pass)

4 - On Iraq

Invading Iraq was a terrible mistake. Yet we do not correct this mistake by making the mistake of leaving before the nation is secure and stable. The American people were deceived into blindly following President Bush into an attack on Iraq, we must not let them be deceived into believing that leaving Iraq before it is secured would not IRREPARABLY harm our vital national interests and security.

5 - On Iran

Iran is a threat to its neighbors, and must not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons. A direct attack upon Iran could set the muslim nations of the world on fire and instigate a third world war that involves EVERY major nation on the planet. We must proceed slowly and carefully, using direct and indirect talks as well as hard and soft power to keep Iran from acquiring Nuclear weapons. Information on Iran's nuclear capability and potential for destruction should be presented directly to the American people, regardless of the inevitable accusation that such a fair and truthful presentation would endanger national security. America's national security is hampered when the AMERICAN PEOPLE are misinformed about outside threats (see Iraq), and the final judge of whether America wages war against an enemy should not be the President, or the Congress, or certainly a foreign political body, America should go to war when Americans believe that we must, and at no other time. Before committing American troops abroad We must ask the american people, through a referendum on a pass/fail basis, whether or not we should. (yes I see the problems in this (media manipulation, check your history) but it is the right thing to do)

thanx to anyone that read this LONG missive. . . .I'm interested in what you think and especially in what YOU believe that one of the candidates should have said. . . ..

10/8/2008 10:53 AM

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