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Voter databases
10/8/2008 07:21 AM

Does your state have as detailed a voter database as mine(NC) does? With peoples home addresses, etc? If so then please post it here. I believe created by funding provisions in the 2002 HAVA(just grand!).

Man our state gov't creates quite the spy networks.

with www.http://www1.aoc.state.nc.us/www/calendars/CriminalQuery.html giving out peoples birthdays for things as minor as speeding tickets.

to: http://webapps6.doc.state.nc.us/apps/offender/search1 with peoples birthdates and photos, etc

to: http://www.secretary.state.nc.us/corporations/SearchAgt.aspx

and also www.411.com with reverse address and phone

a person can find out many things, nothing is sacred.

don't you just love spying on other AmeriKKKan citizens? Ain't AmeriKKKa just great?

"We are all outlaws in the eyes of AmeriKKKa".

10/8/2008 07:22 AM

oh the voter database is here btw: http://www.sboe.state.nc.us/VoterLookup.aspx?Feature=voterinfo

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