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harry reid and negro dialect
1/15/2010 09:43 AM

i saw this issue come up in the obama thread and thought it was one i wanted to discuss a little more. smash and lord(correct me if i misremembered)- i saw you fellas felt it was a non issue and just more politics as usual(largely a waste of time). i can understand that sentiment and to the degree that this is about whether reid is a racist, should resign, or is comparable to trent lott, i agree. the partisan back and forth banter is counterproductive considering all of the issues americans and their government should be addressing. i believe smash linked a few but here's one more.

i don't think that the gaffe dies there. i believe smash also noted that this quote was attriuted to an unnamed source, but we can be certain that reid actually said it because he admitted it. while i don't think his intent was racist(or even malicious), i do think it was racialist. i know senator reid apologized to the prez and obama expediantly accepted allbeit for the sake of healthcare deform. i would imagine he was litterally apologizing for poor word choices and i believe obama acknowledged this. this is all an attempt to make the real issue go away.

i'm not exactly sure why he chose to apologize to obama though. poor word choices, in my opinion, don't dicatate a need for very public apologies between two of the most powerful men in the nation. i think it would be more appropriate for senator reid to explain the context of his comment. why has noone requested this? if i understand what he meant contextually, i would say he owes the american electorate an apology. everything about this comment suggests that he believes the voting public to be consumed with skin color and jargon. is that what we've really become? a nation that is willing to elect a guy because his complexion and his accent don't offend us? sen. biden (now vp; god help us) eluded to a similar point when he spoke to barrack's viability by saying he was clean, articulate, and educated but black(not direct quotes; i'm paraphrasing).

my issue is guys like obama pay lip service to the idea of an open dialog about race and then foolishly dismiss the perfect opportunity to address it.

should reid not apologize to americans for speaking about us like we're "useful idiots"? shouldn't obama come out and say- do not vote for me if all you know of me is that i'm light skinned, clean, articulate, and can switch on my negro dialect when it counts.

call me crazy but these are not substanative voting issues. in fact, i would submit that anyone who even considers such things is motivated more by ego and power than by a genuine desire to serve the public.

oh and don't you republicans out there go chalking up victory yet. doesn't anyone else find it odd that as soon as obama gets elected, michael steele becomes the gop chairman?

how about we stop letting al sharpton and jesse jackson tells us when it's ok to move on concerning matters of race. in my opinion, this issue hasn't even begun to be adequately disccussed around the country, in the media, or even by this message board.

1/15/2010 10:14 AM

perhaps odd was the wrong word- disingenuous maybe...

1/15/2010 02:19 PM

Here's Ann Coulter's take on it. I look forward to reading here article's every week. She has a great sense of humor in her writing. Enjoy.

Harry Reid's Negro Problem

by Ann Coulter

The recently released book Game Change reports that Sen. Harry Reid said America would vote for Barack Obama because he was a "light-skinned" African-American "with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

The book also says Bill Clinton called Sen. Ted Kennedy to ask for his endorsement of Hillary over Obama, saying of Obama: "A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee."

And we already knew that Obama's own vice president, Joe Biden, called Obama "articulate" and "clean" during the campaign. (So you can see why Biden got the vice presidential nod over Reid.)

Democrats regularly say things that would end the career of any conservative who said them. And still, blacks give 90 percent of their votes to the Democrats.

Reid apologized to President Obama, and Obama accepted the apology using his "white voice." So now all is forgiven.

Clinton also called Obama to apologize, but ended up asking him to bring everybody some coffee.

Now the only people waiting for an apology are the American people who want an apology from Nevada for giving us Harry Reid.

Reid will be the guest of honor at a luncheon in Las Vegas this week hosted by a group called "African-Americans for Harry Reid." That's if you can call two people a "group."

They used to be called "African-Americans for David Duke," but that was mostly a social thing. Now they're doing real political organizing.

If this gets off the ground, "African-Americans for Harry Reid" will be a political juggernaut that cannot be denied. Their motto: "We Will Be Heard -- As Soon As I Get This Gentleman's Coffee."

Reid has also picked up an endorsement from the United Light-Skinned Negro College Fund. And Tiger Woods is considering endorsing him. He is the one light-skinned half-black guy right now who's thrilled with Reid's comments.

Reid's defenders don't have much to work with. Their best idea so far is that at least he said "Negro" and not "Nigra."

Liberals are saying that since Reid was pointing out Obama's pale hue in support of his run for the presidency, it was OK to praise his skin color and non-Negro dialect. (Reid is denying reports that in 2007 he said to Obama: "You should run. You people are good at that.")

In fact, Reid didn't endorse Obama until after Hillary dropped out of the race. It turns out, he also admired Hillary for her light skin and the fact that she only uses a Negro dialect when she wants to.

In the alternative, liberals are defending Reid by claiming he said nothing that wasn't true, though he may have used "an unusual set" of words -- as light-skinned Reid-defender Harold Ford Jr. put it.

As long as we're mulling the real meaning of Reid's words and not just gasping in awe at the sorts of things Democrats get away with saying, I think Reid owes America an apology for accusing the entire country of racism. A country, let us note, that just elected a manifestly unqualified, at least partially black man president.

On the other hand, Reid couldn't have been expecting Republicans to vote for a Democrat, so I gather Reid was accusing only Democratic voters of being racists.

I don't disagree with that, but I'd like to get it in writing.

I think the Democratic platform should include a statement that the Democrats will not vote for dark-skinned blacks with a Negro dialect. Check with Harry Reid on the precise wording, but something along the lines of "no one darker than Deepak Chopra."

The "whereas" clauses can include the Democrats' history of supporting slavery, segregation, racial preferences, George Wallace and Bull Connor -- and also a precis of their treatment of dark-skinned Clarence Thomas.

BREAKING NEWS: Hoping to curry favor with the African-American community, Sen. Reid was arrested late this afternoon after breaking into his own home.

Democrats couldn't win an election without the black vote, but the Democratic Party keeps treating blacks like stage props, wheeling them out for photo-ops and marches now and then but almost never putting them in charge of anything important.

President Bush appointed the first black secretary of state and then the first black female secretary of state. Meanwhile, the closest black woman to Bill Clinton was his secretary, Betty Currie.

The one sitting black Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas, was appointed by a Republican.

The head of the Republican National Committee is black -- medium-skinned, but liberals treated Michael Steele like a dark-skinned black when they threw Oreo cookies at him during the Maryland gubernatorial campaign in 2002.

After the 2000 election, Democrats had a chance to make one of the rare smart Democrats, Donna Brazile, head of the Democratic National Committee. Brazile had just run a perfectly respectable campaign on behalf of that bumbling buffoon Al Gore.

She also happens to be black. Again, blacks give 90 percent of their votes to the Democrats.

But the Democrats skipped over Brazile and handed the DNC chairmanship to the goofy white guy in lime green pants, Howard Dean.

UPDATE: Harry Reid has just apologized to the light-skinned people of Haiti for the 7.0 earthquake that hit them Tuesday afternoon.

The single most insulting remark made about blacks in my lifetime was Bill Clinton's announcement -- after being caught in the most humiliating sex scandal in world history -- that he was "the first black president."

He did not call himself "the first black president" when liberals were dancing and singing to Fleetwood Mac at his inauguration. He did not call himself "the first black president" when he was feeling our pain and being lionized by the media. He did not call himself "the first black president" when he was trying to socialize health care or passing welfare reform.

Not until he became a national embarrassment did Clinton recognize that he was "the first black president."

At least he could finally get his own coffee.

1/15/2010 02:47 PM

i think it was monica's fat juicy ass that confirmed bill's blackness. but his groping was probably welcome. which negates it.

1/15/2010 03:29 PM

Him playing sax on Arsenio was pretty black of him.

1/16/2010 11:51 AM

I don't think Harry Reid's comment was offensive, nor do I think he was conscience that it could be when he said it. Old men are old men.

And Ann Coulter is a retarded, bitchy attention whore who looks like a transsexual.

1/18/2010 06:02 AM


poo- coultre is often a fun read; she's just so intentionally inflamatory, that the points she makes fall on deaf ears. that doesn't seem very productive to me unless i'm seeking a laugh over informed policy. as for clinton's blackness, the white guilt driven, politically correct victimology that democrats(&occasionally republicans) perpetuate, to appease black america, is a national embarassment! god forbid we stop paying lip service to a "color blind" society and actually try to become one.

smash- you don't think clinton's, reid's, & biden's comments are indicative of a larger substanative issue regarding the steady race hustle that plagues the nation?

railroad- i was less making the point that anyone should be offended by reid and more suggesting that his comments are indicative of a larger problem that the political left should have to explain... but instead they muddy the issue, change the subject superficially to a general discussion of race, provide obligatory apologies for foolishly perceived "racism" or "offense", and never help us productively move on from the real issue! on the bright side, i heard ann is single; maybe you should ask her out...

are victimology, class warfare, and "race-based" divisive politics as usual indicators that the american electorate are being treated as "useful idiots" by their elected officials?

1/19/2010 09:21 AM

"It is much easier to elect new representatives than to change the ways of our current representatives."

i very much agree with this. i suppose this thread didn't really wake anyone up if it's dwindled down to me and you agreeing again. i just think calling out the current incumbents and forcing them to respond either highlights their lack of will to change the status quo(i.e. shines a light on the "stagnant offensive representatives") or forces them to get in line with the electorate. i suppose if any particular voter doesn't know that reid and obama are part of the problem yet, than they haven't been paying attention anyway.

6/28/2011 03:12 PM

Do you know why black people are so tall?

7/24/2012 11:48 AM

I dislike Ann very very much. That is all.

9/22/2012 05:06 AM

Look, it's better to know who the racists are than to have everyone running around ACTING politically correct.

2/5/2014 08:37 AM

POO....your always right! Now why didn't I think to read that wonderful expose by ann coulter?? But of course they all hang out together on marthas vinyard which is whiter than bleach. I agree too, Clinton is blacker than obama although if you squint , Obama looks like a slightly younger uncle Ben. Whatever your race, we're in a major recession due to the original whitey Bush spending our tax$$ on the iraq occupation.

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