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Festival Documentary
3/14/2012 08:04 PM

I am surprised at all the opinions associated to this documentary. I will say, that one should give a little respect to young men/women who are educated in a field that they are passionate about. Full Sail Grads have been extremely successful. The colleges' success rate is high. These young people received an education that was not without commitment and costs. So to say that this documentary is solely about money, is just stupid! Heck , I would bet that it cost these young men a whole lot more to get their education then what they have been trying to raise for this documentary. be able to bring such an idea forward. They have a dream and passion. Passion will get These are young men who are attempting to bring awareness to a culture that they belive in and are themselves apart of. They seem like they are merely willing to share and explore festival cultures. The concerns many of you have expressed regarding being filmed without your consent. ...these young men don't seem like they are about that. We are subject to being "on camera" every day of our lives. And half the time, we aren't even aware of it. So in a way. this documentary has already begun to bring awareness to something that already happens every day, yet when someone "tells" you they are going to study it, film it, BOY NOW we are AWARE!!!. Good job UnPlanned, your point is already getting across. God Bless

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