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New MF?
9/6/2011 11:38 AM

Are we gonna start it now?

9/6/2011 11:40 AM

::drops anchor here::

9/6/2011 11:41 AM

~heres something at least

9/6/2011 11:41 AM phish spreadsheet

9/6/2011 11:44 AM


9/6/2011 01:33 PM goblin suspiria ost the best of goblin vinyl rip fantastic planet ost

I reaped soooo much from the og I'll stop lurking

9/6/2011 01:40 PM

Wilco -The Whole Love

9/6/2011 02:08 PM

Some miles davis fusion on the corner dark magus d1 d2 pangaea

9/6/2011 09:02 PM

Great indie/alternative album from the 90s. Check it out if you dont already have it.

Built to Spill ~ Perfect from Now On (1997)

9/6/2011 09:26 PM

fantastic planet original soundtrack? god i wish my winzip free trial never expired :/

9/6/2011 09:30 PM

Goblin is the shit!

some modern stuff in that vein-

Zombi- Escape Velocity

Zombi-Digitalis EP

Zombi- Spirit Animal

Zombi- Surface to Air

Xander Harris- I Want More Than Just Blood

9/7/2011 11:09 AM

Awesome Funk! Can't wait to check it out, here's some mo... -the secret chiefs three: the book of m mike patton (mr.bungle) this album (our most of it) was in the style of goblin -the secret chiefs 3 the path of most resistance goblin- zombi ( one of my favorites)

9/7/2011 11:27 AM

you can still draw from the cache just search "mf official thread" and you should get it, and you can adjust your search terms to get specific pages out of it

9/7/2011 12:41 PM

Here's a bunch of random stuff from my megaupload folder. No rhyme or reason to any of it. Have at it if you find something you like...

Phish 7-12-10

ABB - 2009-10-3 Charlotte, NC (Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre).zip

Dylan & the


Temple of the

The Marco Benevento-Joe Russo


Jerry Garcia-Howard

Old & in the Way-Jerry Garcia-David



YMSB Mountain Tracks

YMSB Mountain Tracks

YMSB Mountain Tracks

YMSB Mountain Tracks V - Disc

YMSB Mountain Tracks V - Disc

YMSB Austin City Limits

Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (2007).zip

Explosions in the Sky - How Strange, Innocence (2005).zip

Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (2003).zip

Explosions in the Sky - The Rescue (2005).zip

Explosions in the Sky - Those Who Tell The Truth... (2001).zip

Goodie Mob - Still

Random Old School

STS9 - Axe The

Yo La Tengo - 1986 Ride The

Yo La Tengo - 1987 New Wave Hot

Yo La Tengo - 1989 President Yo La

Yo La Tengo - 1990

Yo La Tengo - 1992 May I Sing With

Yo La Tengo - 1993

Yo La Tengo - 1995

Yo La Tengo - 1997 I Can Hear The Heart Beating As

Yo La Tengo - 2000 And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside

Yo La Tengo - 2003 Summer

Yo La Tengo - 2006 I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your

Yo La Tengo - 2009 Popular

Old Crow Medicine Show - 2009-12-31 Nashville,

Two Gallants - 2004 The

Two Gallants - 2006 What the Toll

Two Gallants - 2007 Self

YMSB 2010-1-29 Atlanta, GA (The Tabernacle).zip

Bob Marley - 1973-10-31 Sausalito, CA (The Record Plant).zip

Jimmy Buffett - 1992 Boats, Beaches, Bars, &

YMSB 2003-9-21 Austin, TX (Austin City Limits).zip

YMSB 2003-9-21 Austin, TX (Austin City Limits).zip

The Avett Brothers -

Bob Dylan & George Harrisons - 1970 NYC

Various Artists - 1995 The Best of

Afroman - 2001 The Good

Brian Eno & Robert Fripp - 1973 No

Brian Eno - 1974 Here Come the Warm

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 2003-6-13 Manchester, TN (Bonnaroo '03).zip

Cornmeal - 2010-3-13 Atlanta, GA (The Tabernacle).zip

Hartford, Bush, Cowan, & Burch - 1977-2-9 East Lansing, MI (Michigan State Campus).zip

Jessie & The

Bill Frisell - 1984

Bill Frissell - 2002 The

ABB - 1973-12-31 San Francisco, CA (Cow Palace with Garcia, Kreutzman, & Scaggs).zip

Derek & The Dominos - 1990 The Layla Sessions Jams

MGMT - 2010

Neutral Milk Hotel - 1996 On Avery

The Sea and Cake - 1997 Two

Vetiver - 2004 Self

Vetiver - 2009 Tight

Vetiver - 2008 Thing Of The

Vetiver - 2006 To Find Me

Phish - 2003-12-30 Miami, FL (American Airlines Arena).zip

Wood Brothers Albums

Phish 7-2-10

Phish 7-3-10

Phish 7-4-10


Phish - 2010-10-23 Amherst, MA (Mullins Center ~ UMass).zip

Phish - 2010-10-24 Amherst, MA (Mullins Center ~ UMass).zip

Creedence Clearwater Revival - 1976 Chronicle, Vol.

Handful of Bill Frissel Albums

Phish 10-31-10

YMSB 12-31-10

The Beatles - 1967 Magical Mystery

Cake - Showroom of Compassion

YMSB 2-10-11

YMSB 2-11-11

YMSB 2-12-11

Lotus 2-18-11

Alexander Ebert

Tedeschi Trucks - Revelator

Furthur 7-29-11

Smashing Pumpkins - 2011 Teagarden…

Built to Spill - Perfect from Now On

9/8/2011 03:49 AM

anyone see that Slidecamp album lemme know, hey.

anyone trying to chill real hard/have ecstatic dreams check out Tidal, a bit hooked for the moment

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