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Leopoldina Station

Av. Francisco Bicalho, 33
Rio De Janeiro, BR BR
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Back2Black is a project that was born of the need to rebuild bridges, to bring Africa back to Brazil.

The strong African roots of Brazilian culture are undeniable. A black influence can be seen in almost every cultural and social manifestation that has taken place since the country’s foundation. In fact, not just in Brazil, but in places around the world; in the rhythms, the flavors, the colors, the sounds and the styles of contemporary society.

However, it is also clear that this aspect of our culture has been largely neglected in recent decades. But how can we ignore the importance of a continent that is the genuine cradle of civilization, home to ancestral lands such as the Kush region and Ancient Egypt, where legendary peoples left an impact that, over the centuries, has irrefutably led to today’s multi- cultural environment? This blatant distortion led us to create the Back2Black festival, in order to rebuild these fragile bridges and bring Africa back to Brazil and to the world.

Every year, for three days, we bring together thinkers and leaders of all nationalities to discuss internationally relevant issues, and we feature concerts, dance performances and visual arts that are influenced and inspired by black culture and society. Through encounters between artists from different countries, we seek to encourage cultural exchange and celebrate life and liberty, the true bond among all peoples.