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About me:avid music lover!! questioner of all aspects of life religion, politics, you name it... you have to question to be alive, no conforming. i love hiking and being outdoors with friends or just to think about things. meeting new outgoing people is always a good time, especially if they have the same interests, or are able to have an intelligent conversation or debate. SN zfballplaya2oo3
Member Since:February 25, 2006
Last Login:June 10, 2007
Location:North Brookfield, MA
Birthday:October 18
Music means to me:everything, music is a soundtrack for life. there is a song or genre that contains the feeling of every part of life, every emotion, every expeience, every down moment, every up moment...
Schools:St. Johns High School class of 2003, Assumption College (transfered), Worcester State College
General Interests:music, RATDOG, festivals, concerts, friends, parties, snowboarding, traveling, movies, philosophy, meeting new people
Other Distractions:fear and loathing in las vegas, the wall, where the buffalo roam, almost famous,dazed and confused, empire records, super troopers, around the fire, the electric coolaid acid test, a long strange trip its been, demon box, garcia:a signpost to new space

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