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About me:Imagine a combination between sweetums from the muppets, sasquatch, the predator, and hagrid from harry potter, and a big teddy bear, i pretty much am a strange mix of all that, or least that is what i have been likened to in the past by friends and other people.
Member Since:December 9, 2004
Last Login:December 5, 2014
Location:Oak Ridge, TN
Birthday:March 18
Music means to me:escape from everything, just put on some music, and it helps the mind travel away from all thoughts and into a world of happiness and total enjoyment
Schools:not enough, i tried out the school thing, and i just wasn't there. i have a fair intelligence but i don't try to challenge it or enhance either. i suppose i should try to go back to school at some point and do something much more than what i do, but for now, i get to have fun, and get bills paid, so i will stay the slacker that i am, and get by with what i need
General Interests:disc golf, footbag, road trips to shows, music festivals of course, and if i wasn't so out of shape more outdoors stuff
Other Distractions:computers are it really, ocassionally going out drinking with friends, and actually working out at work rather than sitting at home in front of the computer


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