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About me:The Jamband Warriors from Olympia, WA are continuously raising the bar of psychedelic rock one show at a time. The Z Kamp Express is the collaboration of five energetic and conscious musicians brought together for the common cause of creating unforgettable music and experiences, telling stories, and promoting both local and global communities.

The Z Kamp Express is known for their social consciousness, strong musicianship, structured and lyrical songs and psychedelic jams. They perform songs about love, frustration, change, heartbreak, friends, politics, festival adventures, and compassion, all with thoughtful lyrics and tight instrumentation. The team also has a number of instrumentals that are known for the stories they tell through their composition and intensity. When playing live, they have the technical mastery and improvisational skills to vibe with any crowd. The Z Kamp Express wants to inspire you AND make you dance!

The Z Kamp Express plays shows in the Great Northwest and all across the country. From bars to festivals, live radio shows, political conferences, Hempfests, Grange Halls, Rainbow Gatherings, coffee shops, rooftops and basements; you will hear The Z Kamp Express spreading the music and sending out messages of love and oneness with their words and their jams.

Z Kamp is a regular in the Sitting Duck newspaper with show reviews and press, as well as numerous local Zines. Also, Z Kamp has recently been prominently featured in Star Magazine, Sun Magazine, and in a King 5 News ‘Evening Magazine’ television segment. They have been featured on the 2006 Annual Evergreen State College CD compilation. The Z Kamp Express is a team of positive, talented, dedicated, intelligent, fun and inspirational artists. Their energy is contagious and their songs are unforgettable.

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Member Since:February 26, 2006
Last Login:January 22, 2010
Location:Olympia, WA
Birthday:April 20
Music means to me:EVERYTHING
Schools:The Evergreen State College
Olympia, WA
General Interests:To help make the first Rainbow Gathering on the moon a reality!
Other Distractions:We are a band that wants to help you help us help us help you to help everything. We want to use our profits to build Sustainuhdomez.We have a place for you and we are Rainbow people with a vision and a place in Olympia that we are starting the mission that you can be part of! Email to find out more! Ask Pizza T whats up and ye shall see what we see in our vision, - lets share visions.


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