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About me:21 year old music-magazine journalism major hopeing to one day write for Revolver Magazine and/or start my own music mag. i love live music and more specifically local life music. i love performing and hanging out with people who love music just as much as i do.
im a fictional writer/poet. i read a lot and watch a lot of movies in addition to listening to a lot of different kinds of music. but i mostly listen to METAl (old school and new)
Member Since:March 31, 2008
Last Login:March 31, 2008
Location:Williamstown, NJ
Birthday:March 30
Music means to me:music is a form of expression and emotional management. whether your angry or sad music is the comfort that helps you get through it. you never hear someone say ..."thank you for that three part mini series. it really changed my life. i dont cry as much about loosing bob anymore." that just doesnt happen but you hear people say that about various songs, artists, and genres. music is a universal language and the lube that helps make life a little easier to live.
Schools:in my third year at Temple University
General Interests:movies (horror/action/drama/ comedy/erotic), art, literature
Other Distractions:myspace.com takes up a lot of my time and i spend crazy amounts of money on cds and movies (those are major distractions). yes i still buy cds. i like the booklet art.


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