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About me:From Knoxville, went to Univ. of TN and just moved to Jackson (near Memphis) TN - temporarily I hope. Working a square job for the man so I like to go to shows to let loose. Festivals are "home"; they're essential for maintaining sanity. Been to Bonnaroo and All Good a couple time each. Looking to try something different this year...Wakarusa? Rothbury? Love the full spectrum of the scene from Bassnectar to Yonder Mtn. I miss the mountains
Member Since:April 26, 2007
Last Login:March 1, 2012
Location:Jackson, TN
Birthday:July 18
Music means to me:Soundscapes to titilate your Being. A reward for being a citizen of the Universe. Community
Schools:University of TN
General Interests:Triathlon, Mountaing biking, Hiking, social and environmental issues, true potential of altered states
Other Distractions:Trying to build my consciousness and find ways to get involved


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