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About me:I love people
I like animals
I am a little bit eccentric

I "like Pina Coladas
Getting caught in the rain
And the feel of the ocean
And the taste of champagne
If you'd like making love at midnight
In the dunes of the Cape
You're the one I've looked for
Come with me and escape"

Thoughts on Life:

people should be more centered and less transfixed on commercial and artificial happiness. Being able to slow down and focus on inner happiness, then can be radiated and able to touch someone with emotion rather than physically. This makes for stronger friendships and hopefully a chain reaction of self revelation and love. I am so worried that the media is making too many people hate who they are or not feel good enough unless they have something.

Thoughts on Love:

Its an outer body experience so deep within the other humans organs you find once you get through all the DNA, all the Cells, all the Nuclei, the space between all 300 trillion of them, where its no longer possible to scientifically prove what is there; There are all the parts that make the soul. When you become immersed that far into a person you become part of them, by filling in the microbial spaces they have been unable to fill with their single solitary soul
Member Since:January 6, 2010
Last Login:December 29, 2011
Location:Pittsfield, MA
Birthday:January 23
Music means to me:I couldn't live without it, it's a drug and gives me a high like no other, nothing can work so perfectly with every moment of my life like a song
Schools:Darrow School 05-08'
Berkshire Community College 08'
Mildred Elley 09-10'
General Interests:listening to music
dressing up
lighting things on fire
riding in cars with people
sun bathing
listening to music
being with friends
Deep Conversations
Dancing outside
feet in the grass
feeling free


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