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About me:My name is Zach Keesecker and I am 22 years old and I am in my last semester at Towson University. I am a physical education major and am planning on becoming a teacher when I graduate in January. I love sports and going to concerts. I am currently single and looking kind people to go and jam out to music with.
Member Since:June 1, 2003
Last Login:April 26, 2010
Location:Towson, MD
Birthday:March 15
Music means to me:Music is a great escape for me. It can be great for relaxing or excitement. I love listening to bands that are creative in what they do and put on an amazing show. Over the past years my tastes have really grown and I am trying to keep finding more music to try suffice my unending thirst for ultimate jamming
Schools:C. Milton Wright High, Towson University
General Interests:Futbol (Still have World Cup Fever), Basketball, Parks, The Beach, Jamming to Music, Finding a way to move out west (Parents live in Billings, Montana), Telluride, Being my own person, Finding new things, Bocce,
Other Distractions:My favorite movies right now are Umphreys' DVDs, Green Street Hooligans, and Grandma's Boy. I love watching The Contender, Entourage and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is probably the funniest show on TV right now. On the Road amazing book


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