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About me:I'm just a crazy Indiana girl. Born, raised, and still here. Nothing to fantastic about that, huh? I have three dogs and a cat, and I wouldn't mind more. I was lucky enough to find the love of my life and the fact that he deals with my crazy shit makes me love him more.
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Location:Indianapolis, IN
Birthday:July 28
Music means to me:To me music is a stress reliever, a way to express myself, entertainment, something to relate to, and sometimes just background noise. I like pretty much any type of music depending on my moods... In order of the most listened to... Jam (Phish, Ween, Disco Biscuits), Reggae (Bob M., Peter Tosh...), Bluegrass (Lefttover, Splitlip, Yonder), Alternative (Coldplay, Radiohead, Cake), Electronic/ Mix/ Trance (Daft Punk, Chemical Bros., DJ Z-Trip), Rap (Wu-Tang, The Roots, Blackalicious), some funk, some punk, a little country, a little classical, a bit of jazz, indie, folk, R&B.
General Interests:Family, friends, and my animals are #1. I enjoy many outdoor activities... snowboarding, hiking, fishing, and camping. I love to explore new places, try new things, and open my eyes to the beauties of the world. When trapped indoors I usually explore the internet, keep up on the news, watch many movies, and play my xbox. I enjoy good green, good wine, and good whiskey when relaxing, but not together (I learned a good lesson a few weeks ago).


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Phish Tix
Sat 1/31/2009 11:00PM
I did a very irresponsible thing a few weeks ago. When I saw Phish was coming to Indy and the tickets were on pre-order. I figured if I didn't pre-order I would basically be screwed, considering what happened the day the Hampton shows went on sale. So I pre-ordered. I was so happy to see that I actually got them, but at the same time I was nervous cause of money issues. I knew I didn't have the money in the bank and I had no way to get it in there either... so now I am $300 in the hole from bank charges and shit. My boyfriend is definately not happy with me, and I'm not too happy with myself either, but I am happy that I know I'll be going to a Phish show soon.