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About me:i love music sports and politics. i am also a frequent attendee of the bonnaroo music and arts festival. soccer is my favorite sport and pink floyd and tool are my favorite bands. i love to go to live music events and i have a dog named bob. thats about it
Member Since:May 25, 2007
Last Login:October 2, 2007
Location:Kansas City, MO
Birthday:July 9
Music means to me:music is everything to me. if the world did not have music it would be 1 awful place
Schools:harrisonville high school. what an awful place!
General Interests:goin out and havin some beers with friends, smokin,and goin to the rose garden at loose park
Other Distractions:favorite movie is snatch. my favorite book is the god delusion by richard dawkins. favorite tv show is the office.


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