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About me:I play bass in the Chicago-based band, Pork 'n Beans.
Play my stuff: www.reverbnation.com/porknbeans
Member Since:July 27, 2003
Last Login:April 16, 2015
Location:Wichita, KS
Birthday:March 23
Music means to me:Everything.
Other Distractions:Movie Buff - favorite movies: Joan of Arc, The Last Laugh, Bicycle Theif.

Rashomon, High and Low, Hidden Fortress, and Yojimbo (Akira Kurosawa); Aguirre, Cobra Verde, and Woyzeck (Werner Herzog with my favorite actor Klaus Kinski); Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick); The Graduate (Mike Nichols); Harold and Maude (Hal Ashby); Anything directed by Dario Argento (Profondo rosso is probably my favorite); Anything by George Romero, particualarly when Tom Savini does the special effects. Almost anything by Oliver Stone. And the greatest director of my pop culture obsessed crap generation - Wes Anderson.


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