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About me:I'm a new momma to a beaitful baby boy who was named after my favorite precious stone, Jasper. He was jammin to tunes while still in my belly and I can't wait to get him to his first few live shows!
Member Since:August 28, 2011
Last Login:February 21, 2014
Location:Willoughby, OH
Birthday:November 10
Music means to me:If a person lives without music, I wouldnt consider them living. Music frees the soul, eases the mind, and brings about love, happiness and good vibes. A huge part of my life and I've learned a lot from it. Every lyric tells a story. And they all have meaning.
Schools:School of hard knocks!
General Interests:Crystal healing, ohm, sacred geometry, reading, journaling, creating, making new friends, dancing, hiking, nature, bare feet, beaches, sand, sun, twisting hemp jewelry, MY SON and everything about him, learning
Other Distractions:My beautiful son Jasper Tucker.


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