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About me:i love live music and rivers and a whooooole bunch of stuff and people [and living things]!! bisco and cheese are an addiction...
my ultimate dream is to be a nurse at festivals, & also have my own business making [& selling] hoops, tutus, paintings, etc. :) yea i'm crafty..

"the purpose of our lives is to be happy." - His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Member Since:September 21, 2006
Last Login:December 17, 2014
Location:Chattanooga, TN
Birthday:September 27
Music means to me:EvErYtHiNg!!! i love it, all of the best nights of my whole life were at shows, there is nOtHiNg better to than dancing & laughing & being alive with friends at a kickass show :)
Schools:i'm in my senior year of college, i'm working on my BSN, then i get my RN, and BE DONE!!
maybe much much further down the road go for a nurse practitioner degree? WHATEVER!
General Interests:fun in general, live music [of course..], the river!!, my main man dj, recycling, keeping it real, dancing, glowsticks, hooping, bubbles, FLOWERS, crystals & gems & pretty rocks, nature, MOUNTAINS, dreaming, camping, festivals, rowing, rafting, guiding on the reventazon someday, swimming, sport-climbing, bouldering, anything outdoors, the environment, TIBET, animals, BABY ANIMALS, jellyfish, tHe AqUaRiUm, traveling, thai food, indian food, pretty much all food!!, my jewish background, hinduism, hindu iconography, other cultures, river pepole, practicing compassion, GOOD eNeRgy, meditation, yoga, alternative medicine, my mom, ballet, painting, CrEaTiNg!!!, tie-dye, patchwork, all things handmade, patchouli, jasmine oil, eBay, thrift stores, barefeet, frisbees, ping pong, badminton, inflatable beach stuff, whiskey train, flip cup, circle of death!!, talking trash, MY BULLHORN, throwing down, any reason to celebrate, all types of ill shit, mexican margaritas & karaoke, giggling, costumes, cooking, eating, pescevegetarianism!!, soy-milk, good tofu, healthy things, some not so healthy things, haikus, the walleye, life, misc.
Other Distractions:my boyfriend... :)


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