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About me:Long-term deadhead (though never able to follow them around) who's always "searching for the sound" by discovering new (to me) bands. Started going to concerts again when my kids got old enough to want to go - now we're all infected with the live music bug.
Member Since:January 4, 2011
Last Login:September 30, 2015
Location:Shrewsbury, MA
Birthday:May 23
Music means to me:More than I can properly put into words: it provides a soundtrack to my day while drowning out the chatter aroung my cube or giving me an escape from the pulls of life.
General Interests:Life, the universe, and everything - with an emphasis on the Mayan civilization.
Other Distractions:Cooking, art (as an admirer, not an artist), tie-dying (just learning) and assorted eclectica.


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