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About me:To Explain Revelation Revolution...Is To Understand And Translate The Un-Explainable. We Are A Fresh, Young Band...(Est. Early October 2007)...Our Bass Player Mills Met Drummer Rex At Tabfest...Later To Reunite In His Home Town Of Springboro. After Reuniting, Mills Introduced Him To The Rest Of The Guys Who Make Up Revelation Revolution. We All Share A Common Thread Of Eclectic Musical Influences And An Over All Drive To Be A Positive Energy Source For The Progression Of Music and Man-Kind. We Put A Unique Spin On The Jam Band Sound With The Help Of Craig C.'s Rhyming And Poetry. The Songs We Have Now Were Inspired By Our Early "Freestyle" Jam Sessions At The Nite Owl And Elsewhere, And One Of Our Trademarks Is Including At Least One Improvisational Jam At Each Of Our Shows. We Have Songs Ranging Anywhere From 3 Minutes To 20 Minutes. We Love Contributing Our Music For Good Causes Such As Charities And Benefits. We Also Love Events Such As Festivals. With That Being Said...Enjoy Your Ears...Stay True To The Keys Of Knowledge And Understanding As A Species...And Continue To Grow With Us As We Will With You...All The While...Keeping In Mind...That Now Is The Time For The Revolution.. The "REVELATION REVOLUTION"
Member Since:October 3, 2004
Last Login:April 15, 2011
Location:Springboro, OH
Birthday:October 21
Music means to me:everything
General Interests:dank nuggz
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