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About me:i love to expand my mind. i mostly feel like i do that with music. i like to be around people, especially at concerts. i analyze my surroundings. i enjoy getting into my car, without a destination, just to enjoy the scenary. my friends are some of my greatest influences in life as well as strangers. i've met some amazing people from shows that have showed me so much about life. ain't life grand :)
Member Since:November 13, 2006
Last Login:November 13, 2006
Location:Mason City, IA
Birthday:October 21
Music means to me:well if you can have an addiction to bad things, why can't you have an addiction to good things? if it were possible, my "good addiction" would be music. music can trigger so many emotions. music has to be a big part of everyones lives, it helps us celebrate life. music is one of my biggest passions, pastimes and/or hobbies. If you're having a bad day, it's like music is a medicine. you can pop in the right tune & your mind set has already been lifted. music is my comfort zone. anywhere i am, i'll feel right at home as long as there's music there. i feel like i'd be lost without it most of the time. music is amazing.
General Interests:music, baseball, astrology, tanning, the outdoors, karma, in-depth conversations, golfing, dancing, concerts, volleyball, tennis,
Other Distractions:half-baked, phishIT, liar liar, requiem for a dream, waking life (movies), scar tissue/anthony keidis biography


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