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About me:born and raised in shit town Indiana (plymouth). then got the hell out as soon as i could. the music scene in indiana is great, don't ask me how but it is, if it wasn't i probably wouldn't have been influenced enough to move to the beautiful mountains of Colorado where the scene is party central. i work at copper mountain ski resort, if you want to call it work.
Member Since:October 15, 2001
Last Login:April 19, 2015
Location:Leadville, CO
Music means to me:everything! i can get higher off a funky groove than any drug out there, but mixing the two is pretty cool too. music is a language that speaks from/to the soul.
Schools:Purdue University, Queensland University of Technology
General Interests:bands, boardin', beer, buds, boomers, beeyatches, bees, bars, beam, and brewing
Other Distractions:my brain


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