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About me:I'm a public servant who tolerates the work, but loves fraternizing with co-workers. I'm left of center, empathetic of the human condition, and strongly considering a future as an expatriate American in Europe, Central America or the South Pacific. I'm married to a lovely woman and have the world's coolest son. I relocated to Florida from coastal Delaware.
Member Since:May 20, 2009
Last Login:July 31, 2015
Location:Auburndale, FL
Birthday:November 22
Music means to me:Escape and connection at the same time. Music is my favorite drug. There is no enlightenment or self-actualization without a love of music. Music is the spectrum of emotion, known and unknown. I'd rather be blind than deaf.
Schools:My best education was the news and social commentary of 1960-70's TV, plus the movies - The Graduate, The Summer of 42, Stealing Home, and Animal House (can you see the thread?). Finding a deeper meaning in life is continuing education. Bartending as an occupation also helps.
General Interests:Movies, sports, travel and reading. I'm an avid tennis and basketball player.
Other Distractions:Yard work and tending the pool. Hard work is the best excercise, but it's hell on the back and knees.


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