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About me:I live, work and play in Boulder, CO.
One of my absolute favorite things to do is ride my Harley Davidson to concerts and back again! I always get to park really close to the venue which is really cool and since I never drink alcohol, it works out well riding on the way home because I never having to worry about duis, that is, of course, except for those idiots who do drive drunk!
Member Since:September 28, 2004
Last Login:February 13, 2015
Location:Boulder, CO
Birthday:September 14
Music means to me:I believe there is no right or wrong w/ a persons choice of music!!! ANYONE & EVERYONE can like or dislike any music they choose! Music is many things for me. Music is a way to unwind and relax and it's a way to amp up and get excited, as well as everything in between. Music is a way for me to connect with the past, mine, my parents, my sisters even my grandparents AND music is a means for me to look into and/or get a feel for the future. Thats the best way for me to explain it and you will understand it or think I'm crazy. The greatest thing is I don't care about anyones judgement of my musical taste, I listen to what I like! I am a huge FUNK fan George Clinton w/ p-funk, James Brown, Maceo Parker, Bootsy and all that. I have tons of hip hop and rap. I like Mr.Bungle and Faith No More, reggae, Smashing Pumpkins as well as widespread and Neil Young... The only music I tend to avoid is pop country and techno-rave music. I have to say I love southern rock, I just dont understand pop country and rave music.
Schools:Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto CA for 1st 2 years, Colorado Rocky Mountain School or CRMS in Carbondale, Colorado for last 2 years. Then, Of course... CU Boulder!!!
General Interests:I read a lot. I also ride my Harley Davidson as much as I possibly can. I prefer it over my car regardless of temp. as long as the roads are dry I'm on my hog, I enjoy the looks on peoples faces when I ride by and its 20 degrees out. I like to watch movies and tv. I like the Law & Order shows as well as most other crime dramas. I like The Simpsons and nearly all of foxes animated shows, Family Guy, American Dad. I have to admit that I wish new episodes of Ren & Stimpy would come out! I watch the CSI's, House and Lost and I have to admit I love my DVR! I like to read cheesy crime novels, harley and Mac computer magazines and various other books I get as a gift or is recommended to me. The last book I have finished was American Gods by Neil Gaimon and I have just started another of his books, Neverwhere. I also like cheesy spy novel's, tom clancy....
Other Distractions:I enjoy all types of art; paintings, sculptures, building architecture and most especially photography. Photography is the only art in which I have any skill but it can be a expensive hobby. I'm a huge fan of fantasy art by artists including Frank Frazetta, Bernie Wrightson, H.R. Giger, Gilbert Shelton and Dali, I have S & #'d prints from each and more. Im not an expert on any of them but thats okay, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy art.. I do collect signed and #'d pieces as well as animation cells, when I can afford them, I have 1 cell from wizards and I have one from the "Nose Dive" scene from Heavy Metal. I do believe mother nature is the greatest artist of all which is lucky for me because all of her art is free!!!


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