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About me:William Walter was found at the foot of Mt. Baldy as an infant. Apparently abandoned by his mother, he was adopted by a group of nomadic sherpas and was sold shortly thereafter to a group of traveling Bavarian gypsy sheep herders. After a freak snowy season killed off 97% of the heard, the gypsies were forced to make money entertaining with hand made, (and stolen), instruments in brothels and other houses of ill repute through out northern Europe. It was here William Walter learned to play the guitar. But it wasn't all wine woman and song... After being forced into work as a male prostitute in a remote Croatian mining town, William escaped by freightliner on an ocean voyage that eventually wound it's way to Staten Island, NY. After stealing a guitar from a dreadlocked, one armed homeless man in Central park, William began making a living once again as a traveling gypsy. He continues to travel, and maintains a flock of companions that assist him in making music, merriment and other forms general good timin' along the way.
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