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Member Since:August 31, 2006
Last Login:April 26, 2007
Location:Franklin, NH
Birthday:September 25
Music means to me:Sanity! During those times that I felt I had nothing left, I've always had music, it has saved me in more ways than I can I express.
Schools:Penn State University, New Hampshire Career Institute
General Interests:books;any and all books, movies, history, dancing, and of course...music, currently i'm lovin ryan montbleau, mike doughty, have and always will love phish, rusted root, social distortion just to name a few.
Other Distractions:Music first and foremost, my number one escape! I love so many books and movies I don't think I could pick my favorites but I have some top choices...movies:almost famous, natural born killers, american history x, fight club, and so many others. books:catcher in the rye, on the road, fear and loathing in america, and, I have to admit, the vampire chronicles


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