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About me:I go to college, I like music, and I want to get out of this country so bad...
Member Since:May 18, 2005
Last Login:August 15, 2011
Location:Great Falls, VA
Birthday:July 18
Music means to me:the backround to everything i do, sometimes the foreground
Schools:James Madison University
General Interests:Smoke, Drink, Books, TV, Cartoons, Oxygen, iPod, Laptop, Comic Books, Ireland, Slip-n-slides, driving long distances, Chesepeake Bay, Shenedoah Mountains,
Other Distractions:raising arizona, ghandi, rushmore, city of god, arrested development, lost, deadwood, home movies, futurama, adult swim in general

some good books include: Amazing adventures of kavalier and klay, fortress of solitude, men and cartoons, american gods, the dissaponitment artist, comic books count too: the walking dead, y the last man, fables, invincible...


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