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About me:I'm me, or at least thats what I like to think. I live in South Florida, although I would much rather just travel the US. I'm going to school, and I like it. Journalism/English major. I hope to one day move to Japan, and teach English there. I'm into a lot of things, I love to love, and live to be.
Member Since:November 26, 2008
Last Login:August 7, 2010
Location:Pompano Beach, FL
Birthday:January 11
Music means to me:Music. It's my life. I love to play my guitar, and listen to others. It is the instantaneous overflow of emotion that I seek every time. It is Love, it is Hate. It is a mother, and a father. Lover, and enemy. It is my birthright, it is my passion. Music moves me, music keeps me alive.
General Interests:Cheese, Horror Movies, Foreign Films, Cheese... 420, camping, nature, females, love.
Other Distractions:Intranetz!!! aaarrrgggg.... I like to read and write.


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